05 aprile, 2008

Davanti allo specchio

(The Lady from Shanghai)

Psy: What is it that enrages you?

Another woman: Life.
Psy: Life?
Another woman: The universe. The cruelty, the injustice, the suffering of humanity, illness, ageing, death.
Psy: All very abstract. Humanity, don’t worry about humanity all the time. Get your own life in order.
Another woman (molto poco convinta): Yeah.
Psy: We’ll continue tomorrow.

(Another woman si congeda. Entra Woman)

Psy: What would you say she was suffering from?

Woman: Self-deception.

Psy: Good. It’s a little general.

Woman: but I don’t think she can part with the lies.

Psy: No? Too bad.
Woman: Not that she doesn’t want to.

Psy: It’s precisely that she doesn’t want to. When she wants to, she will.

(Another woman, Woody Allen)

(Brezsny l'aveva previsto)

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